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There are a few reasons people look for jobs.

The obvious reasons typically includes either not being employed or being underpaid.

However there are a few more reasons to consider – job satisfaction , work life balance, work environment etc

Regardless of what your motivations are , you need a strategy to properly maximize your time and effort and get as close to what you want.

I do not believe there is a perfect job. You’re looking for what ticks as many boxes as possible

How Do You Start ?

Might sound rudimentary , but write down exactly what you want to do. Be specific . ( I’m assuming this pushes you to a higher income bracket , people don’t dream to move for less money)

Have what you want to do written down. Do you currently have the skills ?

The answer is probably no. Before you even start to do any skill acquisition , research no fewer than 10 companies that hire for that position ( or similar ).

This part is very important. So I’ll get a bit more nuanced about it. Do not ride solo learning a skill that companies will not need.

You will be wasting your time spectacularly. Pick 10 companies. Look for what they ask for. Pay specific attention to the job requirements.

Once you look at 10 companies , you will find 5-6 skills that are common to at least 7 of the companies, you can decide what skills to prioritize.

Now , take that paper again, write down all those skills. That’s what you need to get

You have a skill matrix , you have a general idea ( you doing good hommie ) , now comes the part that is on you.

Acquire those skills. If you can get at least 70%

Build Yourself a Study Guide.

This is the part where self motivation comes in.

First things first. Get a resource list. If you have money and can afford paid streaming videos , do that. If not ( don’t be alarmed ) search YouTube and the internet ( free resources ) – you’d be shocked at the resourceful information.

You’re being strategic because you know exactly what you’re looking for

Don’t bother applying now because you are not ready. The job market is not a church , don’t expect too many miracles.

Allocate 2-3 hours EVERY DAY learning something from your list. If you are unemployed – even better 8-10

You’re heading somewhere , it requires sacrifice.

So you’re learning – awesome. You have to cut off friends and activities that distract you. They’ll get upset , but they’ll get over it. When you get your new job bribe them with beer or handbag. They’ll be back in your corner.


So you’re beginning to get better at the skills you need. You have set some milestones to ensure you’re ready. You want to start going to interviews?

Great. Pause

Listen carefully. You need interview prep. Don’t just think you can freestyle. This isn’t a cypher

Find someone to grill you in mock interviews. I know people like to assume they’re confident but preparation is what brings confidence. Have someone appraise your interviewing skills. Let them give you constructive feedback. Write everything down.


Most companies hire for technical skills BUT are looking for other soft skills and will turn you down flat if you do not meet them.

They know they will find someone almost equally technically gifted as you.

So, you’ve practiced mock interviews. You’re ready for the job search. You are riding on a wave of confidence. What next ?


You’re going to need the big guy upstairs in your corner.

Put together a resume that is specific. Highlighting the skills you gathered. No waffle about. Hiring managers are not looking for a biopic . They need to know u can do what they want.

Put the specifics in there.

You have your resume. Start applying . It is a numbers game . Don’t do two or three daily and rest. When I was applying I’d download the app and do 20 everyday. Just to spread myself .

I read somewhere that 2 out of the 10 applications you make will get back to you and one of the two will be interested in an interview . So we are looking at less than 10%.

Jack up those numbers

Don’t look at a company as being too small for you to work. Even if you have no interest , interview. It will boost your confidence . By doing so many interviews for a specific type of job , you have experience in the questions they could ask.

If a company you don’t want extends an offer , politely decline. Their interviewing process has prepped you for a better job. Thank them.

When you go into an interview. Remember to be humble. You haven’t got the job. Any whiff of arrogance will put people off.

They’ll assume you will be difficult to work with and give it a hard pass.

The Target

Be humble , but be assertive on the stuff you know, the goal is to prove this ” Hey , I know stuff , I’m smart and I can learn quickly. “

In the course of the interview , that should be your target.

The stuff you don’t know. Do not blab. Preface it by saying ” I haven’t come across it before but let me give it my best shot ” , better than saying no, yet better than confidently spitting BS.

I’ve hired engineers and one of the things I try to establish right away is;Is he smart ? Will he be easy to work with ? Is he teachable ? Does he meet the basics ?

If he / she ticks all four it is a done deal.

So basically , the transition from where you are to where you want to be requires careful planning , self discipline, precision and prayer.

I hope our detailed post guides you in landing your dream job soon!

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