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Entrepreneurship is the art or science of ‘innovation’ and ‘risk-taking’ for profit in business. You’re not an entrepreneur until you start getting profits for your ideas and innovations. A person who ‘innovates’ and ‘takes on risks’ for profits in business is considered an ‘entrepreneur’. He thrives for success and takes on risk by starting his own venture, service, trade, e.t.c. An entrepreneur is one who launches and build a business.

Business involves exchange of values. Never cheat, forget about profit when starting out, build a VALUE-DRIVEN enterprise. Though business is a profit-oriented venture, don’t expect much.

It’s an exciting prospect starting a business, but it’s not easy task. Saying it’s very demanding is an understatement, and mind you, business does not necessarily means the selling of goods, but also services. What does owning a business (being an entrepreneur) requires? It requires discipline, motivation, patience, critical thinking and above all, capital. As a matter of fact, if you ain’t disciplined, you can’t be a successful entrepreneur.

Have you had the thought of being an entrepreneur? Here are reasons WHY YOU MUST BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR AND OWN A BUSINESS. Mind you, no one is too young to be an entrepreneur. There are many reasons to be an entrepreneur, but I’ll give you 16 reasons to be an entrepreneur:

Value Creation And Problem Solving:

There are lot of persons out there looking for solution to certain problems. If you’re capable of providing answers to those problems, why not create something that does it? If your idea and innovations can help others solve problems, start something… create something unique and value-driven.

 Personal Ownership Of Business Concern Empowers You To Do More In Life:

Truth is – the more success you get, the greater your cravings for more success. Being successful is a motivation to be more successful. Seeing the daily activities of your own successful business give you an opportunity for more successful businesses.

Instability In The Labour Market And Job Insecurity:

With the high rise of unemployment rate in most countries, you wouldn’t want to be in the labour market seeking for employment. And working as an employee does not necessarily guarantee you job security. Being an entrepreneur is a guarantee for job stability ’cause you are boss.

Meeting The Challenges Of Family And Personal Responsibility:

“Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility… in the final analysis, the one quality that all successful people possess is the ability to take on responsibility” – Michael Korda.

Securing Your Financial Future:

Any value-driven and profit-oriented enterprise is a legacy. There’ll be no chance of being broke (penniless). It’ll give you this financial confidence.

Job Creation:

There ain’t much jobs in the labour market. An entrepreneur solves this problem. He creates job for job seekers. He has this mentality, “Why be an employee when you can be the employer?” It’s a very important reason why you should be an entrepreneur.

Get Recognized:

Success attracts people. Owning your own business, having measurable finances gives you an opportunity to communicate with the elites. You get to meet successful people and gain some recognition.

Inspire Others:

Inspiring others is not limited to giving amazing and thoughtful speeches; our activity does inspire others. You, starting a venture grants confidence for others to follow in your footsteps. That is inspiring.


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