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This Post Highlights Reasons Deficiency Of Vitamin D Is Bad To your Health.

Do you know?
When your body is low in vitamin D, it doesn’t function as well and your immune system can weaken.

This not only leaves you susceptible to getting sick quicker, it means bad bacteria can invade the body and show up on your skin as acne.

Many people are deficient of Vitamin D, without knowing about it.

Which Food Contains Vitamin D ?

These are foods that contain Vitamin D, you can consume daily to help balance up your immune system.

Fish like Mackerel, Sardine
Soy milk, Fortified milk
Orange juice
Cod Liver oil
Egg yolk
Oat meals

Does Vitamin D Help In Weight Loss ?

Yes, it may also interest you to know that Vitamin D helps in shading belly fats and aids wait loss effectively.

Are You Deficient Of Vitamin D ?

Deficiency of Vitamin D, can result to some negative health issues such as;
Heart diseases
Diabetes and at extreme can cause Cancer too.

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms In Adults

If you are having the following side effects, it might be a symptom of deficiency of Vitamin D.
Symptoms includes but not limited to;
Weakened bones.

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