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Whether you wake up at 5 a.m. or 10 a.m. the way that you start your morning will set your body tone for the rest of your day.

If you are stressed, rushed, and frustrated, you will carry that energy with you into the rest of your day.

If you are calm, collected, and energized, you will carry that energy with you through the rest of the day too.

Everybody is different and the amount of rest and ideal wake up time will differ from person to person.

However, a good rule of thumb is to wake up at least 2.5 hours before you need to start your day.

So if you need to be at work by 9 a.m. and you have a 15 minute commute, you should try to wake up by 6:15 a.m.

If you work from home or own a business, wake up at least 2.5 hours before your first meeting or obligation.

By giving yourself sufficient time to own the morning you empower yourself to own the rest of your day.

Here are the 10 habits of highly effective mornings and Morning habits Of Successful People

  • Drink 12 oz of Water with Lemon and Pink Salt

The first thing that you should do every single morning (no matter how busy you are) is to take the time to rehydrate your body and provide it with the vital minerals it needs to function throughout the rest of the day.

I recommend that you drink water with a squeeze of lemon. The water will help re-hydrate your body, the lemon will alkalize your body (and taste amazing)

  • Go on a 30 Minute Walk in the Sunshine

One of the fastest ways to reset your circadian rhythm and ensure a successful day is to move and get out in the sunlight first thing every morning.

Even if you don’t have 30 minutes to go for a walk outside, simply getting outside in direct sunlight for 10–15 minutes will work wonders for your body and mind.

I personally enjoy going for a post wake up bike ride while I listen to an audio book, podcast, or music.

It’s simply, easy, and insanely effective.

  • Get Cold

While the benefits of cold showers have been wildly overinflated, they provide your brain and body with a number of benefits and help you jumpstart your day by getting uncomfortable first thing in the morning.

Even 60 seconds of cold water after your normal hot shower will invigorate and wake up your body in a way that few other things can.

And besides, if you can handle a 5–10 minute onslaught of insanely uncomfortable cold water pouring over your body, all the cold calls and emails you have to handle later in the day will be a breeze.

  • Feed Your Brain

Whether you read a book, listen to a podcast, or check out a new blog post from your favorite author, you need to feed your brain first thing in the morning.

Much like moving your body, feeding and exercising your brain will ensure that you are sharper, more creative, and more focused throughout the day.

  • Avoid Electronics for the First 90 Minutes of Your Day

For the love of God, stop checking your email and social media first thing in the morning.

It puts you into an immediate state of comparison and scarcity and will ruin all of the motivation and momentum you’ve built up so far.

  • Skip Breakfast (or don’t)

Personally, I love intermittent fasting and have lost pounds and pounds of body fat by delaying my first meal until about 2 p.m.

Unfortunately, the research is so conflicting and contradictory that I can’t recommend this tactic for everyone.

I recommend that you try out skipping breakfast for 60 days and see how you feel.

If you hate it, then opt for a light breakfast with vegetables, fat (like bacon or avocado), and some low glycemic index fruit.

  • Meditate Like a Monk

Set aside ten minutes every morning to sit in silence and do nothing.

Seriously  It will change your life.

Meditation has so many benefits and heavily researched positive effects on one’s life that I couldn’t even begin to scratch the surface here.

I’ll suffice it to say that if you want to feel happier, more focused, more positive, and more awesome all day long, then sit down, shut up, and breathe.

That’s it.

  • Express Gratitude

Beginning your day with gratitude will put you into a positive and abundant state of mind.

Challenges will seem less difficult.

Opportunities will seem more exciting.

And you’ll go through your day with an overwhelming sense of fulfillment and happiness for all of the amazing things that are already happening in your life.

Whether you write it out (which I recommend), focus on it mentally for a few minutes, or share it with your partner, express gratitude in some way every single morning.

  • Write Down Your 3 Biggest Goals for the Day

This will keep you focused throughout the day and help you avoid getting distracted.

Remember, those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

  • Always Laugh

Because life is short and no one has any idea what’s going on.

Just laugh your butt off.

Watch a funny comedy while you get ready for work. Listen to a standup. Or surf Instagram for funny memes (this is the only time social media is appropriate in the morning).

Laughter is awesome.

So laugh more and live more !

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