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Women are like planted seed; they require care, love, focus, attention, communication, security, and patience to germinate, here are the little things that will win her heart.

When you overlook them you see their worse but when you nurture them with love, you see their best.


√ Treat her in a manner that she will believe in you; sincerely speaking, she will not leave you for another.

√ Sometimes, its better to own up to the fact that she’s right and your not…

√ Humility is a virtue most women can appreciate. Accept your mistakes and learn how to say ” I’m sorry’ it doesn’t kill a man..

√ She want to hear and see your commitment, because it creates security.
” I Love You” without commitment is like fake niara. Be committed to your relationship.

√ Remind her that you are there for her emotionally, whenever she needs anything.
Its not all about materialistic or financial expression of love..

√ Help your babe to grow, nurture her talent and allow her to be her best..
When you support her you will see the best in her.

√ Don’t monitor her like she doesn’t have the right to express herself in the friendship zoon.
Is a relationship not marriage..

√ Don’t talk about her weakness before your friends..
Its better to defend the ” woman in her” than her shape.

√ Don’t rise your voice on her, she won’t get the message rather she will go after your voice.

√ Avoid promises without good intention.

√ Be proud of her even in her weakness.

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