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The new yam festival is here once again, it’s an annual yam festival mostly celebrated by the Eastern Nigerian ethnic group, the Igbos.

The festival is all about thanking God for gift of the new yam, since it’s the am harvest period.

In this post Ladies Kitchen brings to you the great African delicious food recipe.


– 1 cup ugba/ukpaka

– Fresh pepper

– Utazi leaves

– Pomo

– Palm oil

– 1 medium sized Onion

– salt

– Ogiri ( Optional )


1. Wash and slice onion,fresh pepper and utazi leaves.

2. Heat up the palm oil for few seconds, pour in the onion, fresh pepper and pomo, then stir fry for a minute.

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3. Add salt and pour in the ugba. stir and pour in the utazi leaves.

Your Ugba or Ukpaka Palm oil sauce is ready.

Serve with cooked or roasted plantain or yam.

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