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Maintaining the hair is a matter of understanding that the hair is largely made up of water and protein, so the regimen we create is just the act of balancing these two things.

This means that if the hair has too much of those things, it will lead to breakage. In this post you will learn how to get healthy hair home remedies.

So the two main point of this topic is knowing the width of your hair and the porosity of your hair, anything outside this is window dressing (at least to me). This is how to take care of hair naturally.

First, the width of your hair : knowing the width of your hair is important because it tells you how much products to use on the hair.


Secondly, Porosity: knowing your hair porosity is important because it tells you how open your hair shaft is to receiving water. This is important because water is the only thing that moisturizes the hair, because products wouldn’t do what water does to the hair. These are fast hair growth secrets.

Now on to the process: Theses are the natural hair growth tips you should know.

1. Pre-poo: it helps to protect the hair against hygral fatigue which results from contracting of the hair shaft due to the process of washing and conditioning. I use coconut oil for my pre-poo.

2. Shampoo: focus on cleaning the scalp. I use the Hemp oil moisturizing shampoo which is the same as the normal black soap bar but in a liquid form.

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It doesn’t strip all the natural oil produced by my hair.

3. Deep conditioning : helps to condition the strands of the hair. It is very important for all type of hair, because our hair is usually dry and will result to breakage. I usually deep condition on every of my wash day.

4. Sealing: it is important to use oil and/or hair butter on damp hair to lock in the moisture (water or any leave in conditioner). I use my coconut oil and follow it up with my original African Shea butter.

5. Protective styles : Now this is my favorite part, this can be any quick and easy go-to style that works for you.

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It could be cornrows, flat twist, twist, or braids.

NB: 1-5 steps can be done weekly or biweekly depending on your time.

6. Spritz hair with a dine mist of water daily to keep the hair hydrated and moisturized.

7. Scalp massage : Massaging the scalp for about 10mins daily will help promote the flow of blood to the scalp which promotes growth..

Finally, maintaining your hair naturally doesn’t require much, make sure to balance the water and protein that the hair needs. Remember that your hair is only as good as your hair care routine.

If you want to get thick hair in a month, make hair thicker and fuller naturally, follow these steps above and keep repeating till your desired hair is achieved.

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