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Are you trying to gain weight ?

And it’s seemingly hard , here’s a brief guide on different meals and ways to easily gain weight within 60 days!

Create Your Recipes

Create your own homemade smoothies using these preferred ingredients;

– Whey Protein (your desired flavor)

– Frozen Berries , Peanut Butter .

– Bananas , Avocado, Honey.

– Natural Yoghurt (lots of it )

– Hazel Nut butter, Caramel sauce (preferably)

– Using MILK, perfect balance of Carbohydrate, Protein and essential fat.

– Drink Milk, as the second liquid after water EVERY morning, and the last liquid every night before sleep.

– Mix powdered milk with raw honey (Not the best combination, but it helps a lot).

Rice Is Essential

When you are trying to gain weight remember, Rice, is essential. Don’t let critics tell you otherwise;

– Rice is cheap, it is a low cost carbohydrate. A cup of rice contains about 190 Calories, 40G of carbs and low FAT.

– Rice can not get you fat, but it will help increase caloric intake.

Potatoes And Starch

so I’m going to focus on what we can get in the African market.

– Corn

– Potatoes & Sweet potatoes

– Beans

– OATS (with concentrated whey protein / MILK).

These combinations will definitely help yo gain weight.

Eggs And Cheese

This is the part you might not like,
I call this the TRIO OF FAT;

Egg, cheese & Protein (Concentrated).

How Do We Achieve This ?

– Take 3 eggs , 2 gram of cheese, 2 scoops of protein & any desired liquid

– Blend till the contents form a slimy liquid .

– Place contents in an ice tray and freeze for about 24hours

– Once the content is rock frozen, take one iced cube and lick like a lollipop, take 4-5 cubes a day for 30 days, and watch your scale soar into the heavens !


I cannot emphasize on this enough,
You need to know the difference between Fat cut / Lean meat.

If you want to gain weight you need to DEVOUR fat cut meat ( FILET MIGNON / T-BONE STEAK).

High source of creatine, and we all know what creatine does for the body.

I hope my post enlightens anyone interested in gaining weight, or having difficulties gaining weight.

You’re free to ask any question using the comment section and I’d love to get a feedback from anyone who tries these methods.

Stay healthy !

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