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The frequently asked questions I usually get is how do I go natural ?

I thought the answer to be fairly obvious but clearly it’s not, and that is why this post is going to address that in detail. Let’s begin with some definitions.

What is Natural Hair?

This is hair that has not been chemically processed, that is no chemical has been applied to the hair.

What is Chemically Processed Hair?

This is hair that has been chemically treated and they can’t be reversed. Chemicals can be relaxer, bleach, texturizer etc.

When these chemicals are applied, the hair becomes straight and can’t get back to its shrinkage form unlike the natural hair that even when blow dried shrinks back after few days.

In order to go from chemically processed hair to natural hair, you have two options, either you do The Big Chop or The Transitioning.

Which ever one you chose is entirely up to you because it’s all about what makes you feel comfortable.

Now, each of this methods has its own Pros and Cons which you will check out and know which best fits you.


This is a process of eliminating the chemically treated hair by trimming off the processed ends as you allow your hair to grow out.


– It’s helps you learn your hair texture. That is, you will know the difference between your new growth and the relaxed ends.

– You will have to hold onto your length. This method fits those ladies that can’t stand carrying short hair.


– You will have to deal with two textures. Dealing with both textures means getting products that will keep both textures damage free.

– You will have a difficult time styling your hair.

The Big Chop

The big chop is very simple, it entails cutting off all the relaxed ends and it’s for those who want to be natural now.


– You will get the chance to learn your hair because you have only one texture to deal with unlike the transitioning where you have two.

– You will have a fresh start with no chemically processed hair and no breakage too.


– You will have to deal with an entirely new texture on a spot.

– you will have to wait to grow your hair longer, that is you need a lot of patience because your hair will not grow overnight.

– You will have to come up with new short natural hair styles.

Finally, it’s up to you, which ever way you chose to start your hair journey, make sure you feel comfortable with it and it fits your lifestyle.

As long as your hair grows healthy and strong, no way is right or wrong.

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