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15 Incredible Health Benefits Of Dates

DATES We love dates. I mean, who doesn’t? It is extremely sweet and very healthy. What a combination. Dates is a flowering plant species in the palm family. 15 incredible health benefits of dates 1. Lowers cholesterol 2. Prevents night blindness 3. Prevents abdominal cancer 4. Treat sexual weakness 5. Promote heart health 6. Boost energy 7. Cure allergies 8. Treat anemia 9. Strengthen bones 10. Relieve constipation 11. Regulates blood pressure 12. Promote weight gain 13. Prevents hair loss 14. Support healthy pregnancy 15. Help to reduce belly fat. Dates is a natural fruit that has many health...

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11 Important Benefits Of Castor Oil

Castor oil Is a pale yellow vegetable oil obtained by pressing castor seed. 11 benefits of castor oil 1. Is used in food flavouring and preservative. 2. Induce labour in pregnant women. 3. Heals inflamed skin. 4. Reduces acne. 5. It is used as lubricant for bicycle pump. Read More: 5 Importance Of Coconut Oil 6. Prevents stretch marks. 7. Promotes hair growth/treats scalp infection. 8. Treats ringworm. 9. Treats back pain. 10. Cleans the stomach. 11. Menstrual...

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Reasons You Should Be An Entrepreneur And Own A Business

  WHAT IS ENTREPRENEURSHIP? Entrepreneurship is the art or science of ‘innovation’ and ‘risk-taking’ for profit in business. You’re not an entrepreneur until you start getting profits for your ideas and innovations. A person who ‘innovates’ and ‘takes on risks’ for profits in business is considered an ‘entrepreneur’. He thrives for success and takes on risk by starting his own venture, service, trade, e.t.c. An entrepreneur is one who launches and build a business. Business involves exchange of values. Never cheat, forget about profit when starting out, build a VALUE-DRIVEN enterprise. Though business is a profit-oriented venture, don’t expect...

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5 Important Benefits Of Coconut Oil

5 importance benefits of Coconut oil, as an edible oil that is extracted from the kernel of a mature coconut. It is one of the few oil that is classified as “super oil”. Here are the Five benefits of coconut oil, we’ve picked for you. 1. It repairs damaged hair and aids in regrow. If you have a damaged hair caused by relaxers or bad hair products, its time to get your hairs popping up again with the coconut oil. 2. Helps to regulate blood sugar level, this is another cool benefit of the super oil. 3. It is...

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5 Effects Of High Cost Of Marriage In Nigeria

An angry girl missdivineprove  who seems frustrated by the seemingly high cost of marriage in Nigeria has this to rant about: Honestly, I don’t want to post this because I’m not that good in writing, but let me give this a try. I’ve heard stories from my grand ma how marriage was done during their time. According to her stories, it was simple, interesting and desiring. Quite different from what we do now. Although I’ve heard people saying marriage ought to be difficult so that the man can value/appreciate the woman, but I doubt if this is true anyway. Based...

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