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An angry girl missdivineprove  who seems frustrated by the seemingly high cost of marriage in Nigeria has this to rant about:

Honestly, I don’t want to post this because I’m not that good in writing, but let me give this a try.

I’ve heard stories from my grand ma how marriage was done during their time. According to her stories, it was simple, interesting and desiring. Quite different from what we do now.

Although I’ve heard people saying marriage ought to be difficult so that the man can value/appreciate the woman, but I doubt if this is true anyway.

Based on my observation, these are the effect of the kind of expensive marriage concept we have adopted. It seems it has enslaved us.

1. High rate of premarital sex

I am not justifying premarital sex, but I’m sure the rate of premarital sex wouldn’t be so high if every marriageable bachelor/spinster can easily get married.
Like that kind of Romeo and Juliet kind of wedding lol.

2. Late marriage

Apart from those who are financial capable, but have no interest in marriage or haven’t met someone of their choice, majority of the youth who are of marriageable age have no means to get married.

3. Marring the wrong person

Sometimes, most especially ladies ended up marring someone who can afford their marriage rite and not someone they really desire to be with.
That’s why some people are married to someone else while they love another person.

4. Poverty

How can a young man keeping working hard, saving his money only for him to spend all that in one day all in the name of marriage? The worst part, after everything, he’ll start all over again but this time, it’s going to get more difficult because more responsibilities have come in.

5. Overrating Marriage

I don’t know how to put this, it’s so annoying the way some takes marriage. Some see marriage as the greatest achievement of their life. Some people’s dream, aspiration, career all come to an end immediately they’re married. Maybe because the cost of marriage is expensive and demanding so it’s being over rated. Knowing that there’s more to life than just marriage

What is your own opinion about this?
Do you think it’s ok so that men could value women more?

If you think it’s not ok, what way forward can you suggest so it could be simpler for everyone to easily achieve without committing crime?
Do you think the media have a role to play in this in educating the people?

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