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If you’re familiar with the trending and reoccurring news of South African girls either disappearing, ganged raped, stabbed to death or burnt to death, then this shocking revelations will help you connect the dotted lines. Brace up!

Twitter has been on fire since somebody decided to shake the sacred table of a popular and influential sex ring, allegedly been run by 2 South African socialites named Faith Nketsi and Innomorolong.

Alleged PImp Faith Nketsi and Innomorolong.

ThRecruitedese ladies operates under a management agency called Feline Management and Innovative Models. These sex trafficking agencies promise to help these young girls make money….but how?

They specializes in pimping young and beautiful ladies to their rich clients which includes Nigerian Governors and rich men with questionable source of income.

This revelation details how some of the girls were gang raped and abused with the consent of their Management, who pays them R20,000 up, never to expose their ordeal, details below:

Confession Of A Repentant Slay Queen

How She Was Recruited

While Some unlucky ones disappear without any trace or found dead either stabbed to death or burnt to death.

From our research, we found out that the death of this young girl, Karaoke Mokoena, has been a sensitive issue in South Africa.

The lucky ones travel as far as Hong Kong, to meet with influential clients.

Since this sex and human trafficking ring was busted, the management has been taking down series of pictures and contact information’s from the girls Instagram accounts that has any link to them.

The Numerous IG Accounts

List Of Over 100 IG Accounts Used By The Agency

These Instagram accounts numbering over 100, where their trade is been advertised boosts of naked and semi naked pictures of the girls to bait potential sex consumers.

Many girls who are afraid or ashamed to be called out has taken to DM on twitter to beg not to be called out or share their horrifying experience, while some others share the repentant story!

More details on their MO. How, the Agency was busted below:

From another client:

Negotiations With One Of The IG Accounts

This is to serve as a deterrent to young girls who wants to catch up with the FAKE lives people live on Instagram, always remember that all that glitters ain’t gold.

These girls pass through a lot just to have that iPhone, designer bags, clothes, expensive hair and a seem to be good life, you crave for. Many has lost their life or get infected with HIV/Aids.

A noble thing any girl should do is to get educated, find a work and work hard. Then, you can conquer the world.

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