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Freedom is a cynosure in the heart of every human being. It connotes liberty in all sphere of life.

Can you imagine your state of mind when you are distorted in your day to day activities. Every living creature wants to be EMANCIPATED from the hands of the oligarchy.

A lot of people are finding it difficult to break into the unknown, but I say to you, break into the unknown and you will see the mystery of ” *Special emancipation alliance“* but then, for you to find freedom you must start in time to build a structure of freedom, and for you to build structure of freedom, you must galvanized constant ideologies which in turn liberate you from political hagaha.

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Please note that your *PVC* is the power to liberate yourself from IMO state political hagaha.

Join the struggle for the emancipation of Imo State today. Join SPECIAL EMANCIPATION ALLIANCE(SEAL). Become a member of SEAL SQUAD and deliver imolites from political hagaha.

I am Armani J. Armani (DGN)

Pls share this to all Imolites across the world

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